Notice: If you use a background not listed here site the source (preferably a URL online where it can be looked up) and include a description of the background) -- Also Read This page when taking backgrounds that need to be explained in the characters background/History (Most of them!)

***NPC allies mentors or contacts are NOT allowed with out prior permission from admin and can not be played with out admin participation.

Age (not used in Coven)

Allies (you Must support this in your history if you take it)
* One ally of moderate influence and power 
** Two allies, both of them of moderate power 
*** Three allies, one of them quite influential 
**** Four allies, one of them very influential 
***** Five allies, one of them extremely influential 

Arcane (Consult ST before taking)

Contacts (you Must support this in your 
history if you take it see above link)
* One major contact 
** Two major contacts 
*** Three major contacts 
**** Four major contacts 
***** Five major contacts 

Fame (you Must support this in your history if you take it
    and it must be relevant on a local level)
* You are known by a select subculture of society in the city:
among the elite. 
** Your face is recognized by a majority of the populace:
local celebrity. 
*** You are fairly famous: many know your name and face. 
**** You are quite renowned: everybody know something about you. 
***** You are a nationally famous individual- a movie star,
politician, or performer. 

Generation (no lower than Tenth Gen is allowed)
* Twelfth generation: 11 Blood Pool, can spend 1 Blood Point a turn. 
** Eleventh Generation: 12 Blood Pool, can spend 1 Blood Point a turn. 
*** Tenth Generation: 13 Blood Pool, can spend 1 Blood Point a turn. 

* 3 vessels 
** 7 vessels 

Influence (support this in your history ... it will still be 
    Subject to ST approval)
* Moderately influential: a factor in local politics.
** Well-connected: a factor in city politics. 
*** Position of influence: a factor in state politics. 
**** Broad personal power: a factor in regional politics. 
***** Vastly influential: a factor in national politics. 

Mentor (Mentors Must Be Local and can not be NPC's without 
    ST approval)
* Mentor is an ancilla (ductus or pack priest), and of little influence.
** Mentor is an elder (or priest) and is well respected. 
*** Mentor is a member of the primogen (bishop). 
**** Mentor is a prince (archbishop) and has much power over the city. 
***** Mentor is a Justicar (priscus or cardinal) and is extraordinarily

Military Force (Consult ST)
* Surly mob: 15 poorly organized and untrained thugs.
** Militia: 25 functionally trained security guards
*** SWAT team: 40 capable fighters
**** Veteran troops: 75 combat-seasoned soldiers
***** Elite company: 100 battle-hardened troops, 6+ Special weapons,
greater quantities and perhaps even national armed forces?

Resources (you must support this in your history)
* Small savings: You have an apartment and perhaps a motorcycle.
If liquidated,you would have $1000 in cash. Allowance of $500
a month. 
** Middle class: you have an apartment or condominium. If liquidated
you have $8000 in cash. Allowance of $1200 a month. 
*** Large savings: You own a house (or at least have some equity).
If liquidated you could have %50,000 in cash. Allowance of 
$3,000 a month. 
**** Well off: You own a very large house, or perhaps a dilapidated
mansion. If liquidated you would have $500,000 in cash. Allowance
of $9,000 a month. 

Retainers (Ghouls / Mortals -- it has to make sense if your resource
    are one or two your not likely to have mortal retainers)
* One retainer. 
** Two retainers. 
*** Three retainers. 
**** Four retainers. 
***** Five retainers. 

Status (this must be related to The Coven)then
* Known: a neonate. (Ductus or Pack Priest/Well Known)
** Respected: an ancilla. (Templar or Paladin/Respected)
*** High Status: an elder. (Bishop/Renowned)
**** Powerful: a member of the primogen. (Archbishop/Pillar of
the Sabbat)
***** Luminary: a prince. (Priscus or cardinal/Luminary)