(NOTE: Auspex cannot compensate for sensory flaws)

If a Merit is not on the list do not take it ... if you "have to have it" then submit an online reference for it and it will be taken under advisement and added to the list or not at ST discretion.

AWFlaw = Awareness Flaw
APFlaw = Aptitude Flaw
GFlaw = General Flaw
MFlaw = Mental Flaw PFlaw = Physical Flaw
SFlaw = Supernatural Flaw
[] = the character type/clan allowed to take a particular merit will be denoted here (please not these are approximations right now and any could be denighed by the ST/Admins reguardless of the notations here.

Absent-Minded (3 pt)[any] — This Flaw may not he taken with the Merit Concentration. Though you do not forget such things as Knowledges or Skills, you do forget such things as names, addresses and the last time you meditated. In order to remember anything more than your own name and the location of your home, you need to make a Wits roll or, as a last resort, spend a Willpower point.

Addiction (1-3 pt)[any] — You are addicted to any one of a variety of things. A one point Flaw would be a mild addiction to an easily attained. A two point Flaw would be either a severe addiction to any easily obtained substance or any "mild" drug. A three point Flaw involves expensive or hard-to-find drugs. The need for these drugs varies from once a day for some drugs to two to three times a day for others, depending on the strength of the drug and the addiction. If, for whatever reason, you are denied access to the drug, you lose the number of dice equal to the level of your addiction (one, two or three) until you receive your "fix." If you are deprived of the drugs for an extended length of time, you will be forced to make a Willpower check (Difficulty 4 for the first day, +1 for each additional day). If you fail, you will forgo everything and forcibly go seeking the drug. This would be an easy way for you to be either controlled or forced to do favors for your supplier, especially if the drug is hard to obtain due to its rarity or price.

Adolescent (1 pt)[vampire] — You were chosen very early in your life. This age difference will cause people to react to you differently. The older Chosen may not take you seriously. ("You've got to be kidding. She's just a kid!") Increase the Difficulty of your Social rolls by 1 to 3 depending on the circumstances of your situation or the individual you are confronting.

Aging (3 pt)[vampire] — You are not as spry as you used to be; any one Physical Attribute score (your choice) must be lowered by one dot. This Flaw may be taken once per decade past the 40 year mark.

Allergic (1-4 pt)[any/no vamps as of 8/21/05] — You are allergic to some substance – pollen, animal fur, alcohol, milk, etc. For one point, you get hives, sneeze or become dizzy upon prolonged contact with your bane; for two points, you swell up uncomfortably in the affected area, reducing all Dice Pools by one; for three points, your reaction actually incapacitates you, reducing appropriate Dice Pools by three. If the substance is really common in your chronicle, add an additional point to this Flaw.
Choose from the list below or make up the substance to which you are allergic:
Plastic: 1 pt
Illegal Drugs: 2 pt
Alcohol: 2 pt
Metal: 3 pt

Amnesia (2 pt)[any] — You are unable to remember anything about your past, yourself or your family. Your life is a blank slate. However, your past may someday come back to haunt you. (You can, if you wish, take up to five points of other Flaws without specifying what they are. The Storyteller can supply the details. Over the course of the chronicle, you and your character will slowly discover them.)

Asthma (2 pt)[any/no vamps] — You have Difficulty performing strenuous tasks because you cannot breathe properly. With asthma, your lungs only pull in a fraction of the air that normal lungs require. Any time that you exert yourself, you must make a Stamina roll (Difficulty 6) or be unable to perform any action on the next round while you catch your breath.

Bad Sight (2 pt)[any] — Your sight is defective. Add +2 to the Difficulties of all dice rolls related to vision. This Flaw is neither nearsightedness nor farsightedness – it is a minor form of blindness. The impairment is not correctable. Magic may correct this for a short time, but repairing the blindness permanently requires buying off the Flaw or tying the effect to a permanent Magic Item. You may not take the Merit Acute Vision if you take this Flaw. (NOTE: Auspex cannot compensate for sensory flaws)

Bard's Tongue (1 pt)[any] — You speak the truth, uncannily so. Things you say tend to come true. This not a facility for blessing or cursing, or an ability that can be ruled by any conscious control. However, at least once per story, an uncomfortable truth regarding any current situation will appear in your head and come out your lips. To avoid speaking prophecy, the owner of the 'gift' must expend a Willpower point and take a wound level from the strain of resisting (especially if he bites a hole in his tongue).

Blind (6 pt)[any] — You automatically fail all dice rolls involving vision. You cannot see – the world of color and light is lost to you.

Chaotic Magic (6 pt)[mage] — While all Chosen are sources of power being poured into the world, you are a geyser among spigots. Because of this, you find it very difficult to perform any Spell and have predictable results. On the bright side, you only need to spend 1 Aura point for Raw magical effects. Often you find yourself casting what would seem a totally pointless Spell for the situation, hoping that the magic will know what to do. Roll a single die each time you cast a Spell. This is a suggested table for random effects:

  1. Botch – The Spell automatically botches.
  2. Opposite Effect – The effect of the Spell is reversed (heal instead of hurt, curse instead of boon).
  3. Wrong Target – The target of the Spell is now something else (probably in a bad way).
  4. Wrong Spell – The Spell has the effect of a completely different Spell (it may even be completely new to the world).
  5. Half Effect – The number of successes the Spell has is halved (round up).
  6. Normal Effect – Nothing strange happens.
  7. Double Effect – The number of successes the Spell has is doubled.
  8. Extra Spell – Without cost, the caster may instantly have another Spell "go off" with the same number of successes as the first.
  9. Triple Targets – The number of targets the Spell has is tripled. The caster may select the extra targets who also receive the full effect of the Spell.
  10. Permanent – The effect of the Spell is now part of the "Web of Fate" and permanent (just like the level 4 Static Omni Spell). Congratulations.

Color Blindness (1 pt)[any] — You can only see in black and white. Color means nothing to you, although you are sensitive to color density, which you perceive as shades of gray. Note: color blindness actually indicates an inability to distinguish between two colors, but we fudge a bit for the sake of playability.

Compulsion (1 pt)[any] — You have a psychological compulsion of some sort, which can cause you a number of different problems. Your compulsion may be for cleanliness, perfection, bragging, stealing, gaming, exaggeration, or just talking. A compulsion can temporarily be avoided at the cost of a Willpower point, but is in effect at all other times.

Confused (2 pt)[any] — You are often confused, and the world seems to be a very distorted and twisted place. Sometimes you are simply unable to make sense of things. You need to roleplay this behavior all the time to a small degree, but your confusion becomes especially strong whenever stimuli surround you (such as when a number of different people talk all at once, or you enter a nightclub with loud pounding music). You may spend Willpower to override the effects of your confusion, but only temporarily.

Conspicuous Consumption (4 pt)[vampires] — It is not enough to draw blood from mortals you believe you must also consume your victims heart, livers and other blood rich tissue. of course this will necessitate the death of all your victims, (unless you were extremely creative) which might lead to numerous problems with the masquerade and maintaining humanity. characters with this flaw must also purchase the eat food merit

Curiosity (2 pt)[any] — You are naturally curious and find mysteries of any sort irresistible. In most circumstances, you find that your curiosity easily overrides your common sense. To resist the temptation, make a Wits roll (Difficulty 5) for simple things like "I wonder what is in that cabinet!" Increase the Difficulty up to 9 for things like "I'11 just peek into the dragon?s lair – no one will know. What could possibly go wrong?"

Cursed (1-5 pt SMerit)[any] — Someone or something has cursed you. This curse is specific and detailed, it cannot be dispelled without extreme effort, and can be life threatening, but every curse can be lifted. Some examples follow:

WARNING! TAKE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! The Storytellers WILL enforce this.

Dark Fate (5 pt)[any] — You are doomed to experience a most horrible demise or worse, suffer constant agony. No matter what you do, some day you will be out of the picture. In the end, all your efforts, your struggles, and your dreams will come to naught. Your fate is certain and there is nothing you can do about it. Even more ghastly, you have partial knowledge of this, for you occasionally have visions of your fate – and they are most disturbing. The malaise these visions put you in can only be overcome through the use of Willpower, and will return after each and every vision. In terms of the story, someday you will indeed face your fate, but when and how is completely up to the Storyteller. Though you can't do anything about your fate, you can still attempt to reach some goal before it occurs, or at least try to make sure that your friends are not destroyed as well. This is a difficult Flaw to roleplay; though it may seem as if it takes away all free will, we have found that, ironically, it grants freedom.

Dark Secret (1 pt)[any] — You have some sort of secret that, if uncovered, would of immense embarrassment to you and would make you an outcast. This can be anything from having murdered a good man, to having been a willing servant of Oblivion. While this secret is on your mind at all times, it will only come up in stories once in a while. Otherwise, it begins to lose its impact.

Deaf (4 pt)[any] — You cannot hear sound, and automatically fail any rolls that require hearing.

Deformity (3 pt PFlaw)[any] — You have some kind of deformity – a misshapen limb, a hunchback or whatever – that affects your interactions with others and may inconvenience you physically. All dice rolls related to physical appearance are at +2 Difficulty. Your deformity will also impose +2 Difficulty on some Dexterity rolls, depending on the type of deformity you possess.

Delusion (1 pt) — You believe wholeheartedly in something that just isn't so. Fore example, you might believe that you are just a normal human (when you are, in fact, Chosen), that round rocks are extremely valuable, that you are the long-lost son of a Duke, or that your imaginary friend is actually real.

Demon-Hounded (1-4 pt)[any] — A demon has taken a special interest in your soul. She appears to you occasionally, using threats, bribes and honeyed words to win you to her cause. Sometimes she just asks you to perform innocuous favors for her. Sometimes she asks you to sell your soul. Sometimes she offers favors or information without any apparent catch. In any case, it is not your interests she serves, but those of her diabolical masters. All of her plots are ultimately designed to ensnare you and win your soul. A minor demon (1 pt) may be an annoying imp, capable of no more than distracting you, thieving small items and pleading for you soul; its plans are unimpressive, but can be frustrating. A greater creature (4 pt) is your physical equal and can concoct horribly devious plans to win your soul. In either case the Storyteller creates the character for the demon, and keeps track of its plots.

Diabolical Mentor (2 pt)[any supernatural] MUST Be supported or will be denighed by ST — Your Mentor is engaged in acts that could cause a tremendous uproar. She could be wantonly ignoring the unwritten laws, causing havoc with Oblivion magic, dealing with demons, or torturing captured Karano. Plenty of folks are after your Mentor?s hide, and your skin may be tarred with the same brush.

Disfigured (4 pt MFlaw)[any] — A hideous disfigurement makes you ugly and easy to notice or remember. You therefore have a zero Appearance. You cannot take any Social Traits that would compliment your Appearance, much like the Nosferatu. Furthermore, you are two bids down on any Social Challenge (except Intimidation) when your true appearance is visible.

Driving Goal (3 pt)[any] — You have a personal goal, which compels and directs you in sometimes startling ways. The goal is always limitless in depth, and you can never truly achieve it. It could be to reform the Karano or to achieve Godhood. Because you must work toward your goal throughout the chronicle (though you can avoid it for short periods by spending Willpower) it will get you into trouble and may jeopardize other goals. Choose you driving goal carefully, as it will direct and focus everything your character does.

Dulled Bite (2 pt)[vampire] — For some reason your fangs never developed fully--they may not have manifested at all. When feeding, you need to find some other method of making blood flow. A number of Caitiff and high-generation vampires often manifest this flaw.

Enemy (1-5 pt)[any] — You have an enemy, or perhaps a group of enemies. Someone wants to harm you. The value of the Flaw determines how powerful these enemies are. The most powerful enemies (Gods or dragons) would be five point Flaws, while someone nearer to your own power would be worth only one point. You must decide who your enemy is and how you earned such enmity in the first place.

Flashbacks (3 pt)[any] — You are prone to flashbacks if you are in either high-pressure situations or circumstances that are similar to the event that caused the flashback itself. The flashback does not have to be combat-oriented. Either positive or negative stimulation could result in a flashback episode. The repeated use of drugs has been proven to cause a wide range of hallucinations, and in the right circumstances, the mind could flashback to any one of them. Emotional anxiety and stress are the usual catalysts for the flashbacks to begin. Flashing back to a good and happy vision can be just as dangerous or distracting as suddenly flashing to being surrounded by demons. The flashbacks can be caused by almost any trauma – torture, extended combat or repeated drug experimentation. During the flashback, you are not aware of what is really around you. Even people speaking to you will be viewed as people or objects from the vision. You can mistake men for women, people for animals and even inanimate objects for people. To you, reality has shifted, and you are back there again.

Focus Requirement (1 pt)[mage, mortal+] — You need to perform some action to help you focus your magical energies. This could be staring into a crystal, playing an instrument while singing, or holding onto an elemental stone. Without this focus, you must spend a Willpower point to cast any Spell. You cannot take the Merit Concentration with this Flaw.

Form Inept (6 pt)[mage] — You are unable to utilize the magics of one of the Forms. This is not due to the fact that you have not yet been trained in that particular Form of magic. Indeed, for whatever reason, you cannot learn this Form. This should not be you Patron?s Form.

Geas (1-7 pt Restricted)[mage] — A character may take a Geas, or prohibition, as a Flaw. If she violates this prohibition, she loses the ability to use magic or suffers some other penalty, such as 1 to all combat Dice Pools for a story. The level of the Flaw depends on how common the Geas is and the nature of the penalty. The players and Storyteller should feel free to create their own Geases.

Glowing Eyes: (3 pt)[vampire] — You have the stereotypical glowing eyes of vampire legend which makes it easier when intimidating mortals. However, you are a walking tear in the Masquerade and must constantly disguise your condition (no, contacts don't cut it); the glow impairs your vision and the radiance emanating from your eye sockets makes it difficult to hide in the dark.

Hard of Hearing (1 pt)[any] — Your hearing is defective. All dice rolls related to hearing are at +2 Difficulty. You may not take the Merit Acute Hearing if you take this Flaw.
(NOTE: Auspex cannot compensate for sensory flaws)

Hatred (3 pt)[any] — You have an unreasoning hatred of a certain thing. This hate is total and largely uncontrollable. You may hate a species of animal, a class of person, a color, a situation or just about anything else, and you constantly pursue opportunities to harm the hated object or to gain power over it.

Haunted (3 pt SFlaw)[any] — You are haunted by a ghost that only you (and Mediums) can see and hear. It actively dislikes you and enjoys making your life miserable by insulting, berating and distracting you, especially when you need to keep your cool. It also has a number of minor powers it can use against you (once per story for each power): hiding small objects; bringing a "chill" over others, making them very ill at ease with you; causing a loud buzzing in your ear or the ears of others; moving a small object such as a knife or pen breaking a fragile item such as a bottle or mirror; tripping you; or making eerie noises, such as chains rattling. Yelling at the ghost can sometimes drive it away, but it will confuse those who are around you. The Storyteller will likely personify the ghost in order to make things all the more frustrating for you.

Illiterate (1 Trait Flaw)[any] — You cannot read or write. If you have this falw, you cannot learn Thaumaturgy.

Incomplete Understanding: (1 pt)[vampires] The whole matter has been explained to you, but you're still not quite sure how this whole Camarilla/Masquerade thing works. Your imperfect understanding of the rules and regulations of your new existence means that sooner or later, you're going to make a mistake. It's only a matter of time...

Inept (5 pt)[any] — You are not attuned to your natural aptitudes, and therefore have five less points to spend on your Talent Abilities (so the most you could take on your Talents would be eight, and the least would be zero). Of course, you can still spend Freebie points to buy Talents. However, you cannot, at the start of the game, have any Talent at level three or higher.

Infamous Family (1 pt ST Approval needed)[mortal] — You come from a family that is very well known, but not very well liked. You have a bad reputation, and have a particularly hard time losing it because it is seen as a family trait, not a personal one. You have trouble trusting others because others in your community have always acted against you (probably for no more reason than the blood in your veins).

Infamous Mentor (1 pt)[any supernatural] — Your Mentor was, and perhaps still is, distrusted and disliked by many of your fellow Chosen. As a result, you are distrusted and disliked as well. This is a heavy load, and one not easily shed.

Insane Mentor (1 pt ST approval needed)[any supernatural] — Your Mentor has completely lost his grip on reality, and has become dangerously insane. Any wrong committed by your Mentor may affect your reputation, and some of your Mentor?s dangerous schemes may somehow involve you.

Intolerance (1 pt)[any] — You have an unreasoning dislike of a certain thing. This may be an animal, a class of person, a color, a situation, or just about anything else. All dice rolls involving the subject are at +2 Difficulty. Note that some dislikes may be too trivial to be reflected here – a dislike of White Wolf Magazine (though justified) or tissue paper, for instance, will have little effect on play in most chronicles. The Storyteller is the final arbiter on what you can pick to dislike.

Lame (3 pt PFlaw)[any mortal] — Your legs are injured or otherwise prevented from working effectively. You suffer a two dice penalty to all Dice Pools related to movement. A character may not take this Flaw along with the Merit Double-Jointed.

Lifesaver (3 pt) — [any] You believe that human life is a sacred gift and will not take a person's life except in the most extreme of circumstances. You may not ever willingly endanger the lives of innocents or in any way participate in a killing. You have no problems with killing animals (for the right reasons), and will kill evil and inhuman creatures to protect others if necessary. (Be very careful, however, with your definition of "evil"!) Senseless death in all forms repulses you, and you feel that those who perform murder should be punished and stopped.

Light Sensitive (5 pt SFlaw)[vampire] —You are even more sensitive to sunlight than are other vampires. Sunlight causes twice the normal damage, and even moonlight (which is after all, the reflected light of the sun) harms you. Indeed, even bright lights can be painful, but that pain can be mitigated by wearing sunglasses. When the moon is shining, the light it casts will cause wounds in the same way sunlight does for normal individuals. However, the wounds caused by the moon are not aggravated and can be healed normally.

Lost Love (1 pt)[any] — You have lost your true love to death, distance, or marriage. You take little joy in life?s pleasures and give up easily in the face of difficulty, since you?ve already lost the most important struggle. On those occasions when you forget yourself and have a good time, you inevitably feel sorrow afterwards as you think about how it could have been if your true love were with you. Still, time heals all wounds.

Low Self-Image (2 pt)[any] — You lack self-confidence, and don?t believe in yourself. You have two fewer dice in situations where you don?t expect to succeed (at the Storyteller's discretion, though the penalty might be limited to one die if you help the Storyteller by pointing out times when this Flaw might affect you). At the Storyteller's option, you may be required to make Willpower rolls to do things that require self-confidence, or even to use a Willpower point when others would not be obliged to do so.

Lunacy (2 pt)[any] — You are affected by the phases of the moon. On nights of the new moon you are extremely passive, but on nights of the full moon you are extremely emotional and volatile. During the waxing moon you are pleasant and more focused on your tasks. During the waning moon you are a little apathetic and touchy. During the entire cycle of the moon, you vary your emotional level to suit the stage of the moon. This Flaw is made truly effective with good and accurate roleplaying. ST will enforce.

Magic Susceptibility (2 pt SFlaw) [any] — Your will to resist magical effects is weaker than most. Thus, your Difficulty to soak is raised by +1.(this only applies to magic that has damaging consequences)

Mentor's Resentment (1 pt)[any supernatual] — Your Mentor dislikes you and wishes you ill. Given the smallest opportunity, your Mentor will seek to do you harm, and may even attack you if provoked. You Mentor?s friends will also work against you. Good Luck!

Mild Pain Empathy (3 pt)[any supernatural] — If you harm someone, you feel their pain. This becomes especially noticeable in combat, and often leads to pacifism. In addition to any wound penalties you have from your own wounds, you also suffer the wound penalties that your opponent has. Thus, if you are Injured (1), and your opponent is Mauled (2), then your wound penalty is 3.

Mild Phobia (1 pt)[any] — You have an overpowering fear of something. You will instinctively and illogically retreat from and avoid the object of your fear. Common objects of phobias include certain animals, insects, crowds, open spaces, confined spaces, and heights. You must roll Willpower whenever the object of your fear is encountered. The Storyteller determines the Difficulty of this roll. If you fail the roll, you must retreat in terror from the object, and if you get less than three successes you will not approach it.

Mistaken Identity (1 pt)[any] — You look similar to another person, and are mistaken for her, much to your chagrin. This individual?s allies will approach you and tell you things you do not want to hear, her enemies will attempt to do away with you, and others will treat you in odd ways. Ultimately you might be able to sort out things, but it will take tremendous effort.

Monstrous (3 pt PFlaw)[vampire] — There is something wholly monstrous about you, something that makes you even more hideous than a Nosferatu. You scarcely look human, but the manner in which you differ is up to you. Perhaps you have grown scales or warts all over your body, or perhaps the scream you issued when you died has been permanently frozen on your face. You cannot win a Social Challenge (other than Intimidation) when your true visage is apparent. Nosferatu cannot take this Flaw.

Mute (4 pt PFlaw)[any] — Your vocal apparatus does not function, and you cannot speak at all. You can communicate through other means – typically writing, Spirit Magic or signing. Mute Chosen are assumed to have adapted to silent casting by increasing the amount of gesturing.

Naive (1 pt)[mortal] — You see world in rose-colored hues. Your privileged upbringing (or massive psychological repression of abuse) makes you all too ready to accept others as kind and caring. You are always the last to suspect foul play or bad intent on the part of another, and this can get you in real trouble. On the other hand, the Flaw often leads people of the Caregiver nature to take you under their wings with more fervor than usual.

Narc: (3 pt)[any] (ST/Sherrif Approval needed) — You are known to be a snitch, an informer firmly planted in the sheriff's pocket. Those on whom you might yet inform loathe you as a result, feeding you misinformation when they can in an attempt to discredit you. Given the opportunity, they might do you mischief

Nightmares (1 pt)[any] — You experience a horrendous nightmare every time you sleep, and memories of them to haunt you during your waking hours. Sometimes the nightmares are so bad they cause you to lose one die on all your actions for the next day (Storyteller's discretion). Some of the nightmares may be so intense that you mistake them for reality. A crafty Storyteller will be quick to take advantage of this.

No Familiar (4 pt)[mage] — For some mystical reason, you are incapable of making a bond with a Familiar. It could be that you once ate someone else's Familiar by accident. Or, your Patron does not think you will ever need one. Feel free to be creative with the why's and wherefore's.

Notoriety (3 pt)[supernatual] — You have a bad reputation among your peers; perhaps you violated the unwritten laws once too often, or belong to an unpopular party. There is a two dice penalty to all dice rolls for social dealings with associated Chosen. A character with this Flaw may not take the Merit Reputation.

Oath Bound (3 pt)[any] — You have given your true word to do a task or perform a service, and you cannot allow anything to stand in the way. It does not matter if you were forced to give your word freely, or though coercion, trickery, or just plain convincing. If you fail, you will be branded for the rest of your life (and possibly the next) as an Oath-Breaker with no honor. People will spit when you pass, your name will be spoken in foul tones, and that is only the beginning.

Obsession (2 pt)[any] — There is something you like, love, or are fascinated by to the point where you often disregard common sense to cater to this drive. You react positively to anything related to your obsession, even if it's not in your best interests. For example, if you are obsessed with supernatural creatures, you will go out of your way to talk to and befriend vampires, werewolves and stranger things, and find out as much as you can about them, disregarding all warnings. There are many other obsessions, including women, men, guns, knives, sports, roleplaying games? you know the type.

Obvious Predator (2 pt)[Brujah, vampire] — Either your face or your immediate disposition lets people know that you have nothing good in store for them. Mortals react poorly to people who exude such a blatant air of menace.

Odd Eye: (1-2 pt) [salubri] — Your third eye looks strikingly different from your other two. For one point, the third eyes is merely a different color, while for two points it's something rather disturbing (ie violet, red, slitted like a cat's eye). Needless to say, this inhuman feature is not going to help your reputation.

Old Flame: (2 pt -- ST approval) [vampire] — Someone you once cared deeply for is now with the enemy. He still attempts to play on your sympathies "for old times' sake" while working against you. You most likely will not act against him unless the situation becomes life-threatening.(must have a separate player playing the 'old flame')

One Arm (3 pt PFLaw)[any] — You have only one arm – choose which, or determine randomly at character creation. This could be a battle scar, birth defect or other form of injury. It is assumed that you are accustomed to using your remaining hand, so you suffer no off-hand penalty. However, you do suffer a two dice penalty to any Dice Pool where two hands would normally be needed to perform a task. A character may not take this Flaw along with the Merit Ambidextrous.

One Eye (2 Trait Flaw)[any] — You have only one eye--choose which, or determine randomly during character creation. You have no peripheral vision on your blind side, and are two bids down on any test requiring depth perception. This includes missile combat. You must cover the "bad" eye during game play.

Orphan (5-7 pt)[mage] — You have no Patron (beginning Willpower is 2). You are Chosen, technically, in that you possess Chosen abilities, but you have no Boon, nor do you receive any bonus when spending Experience on Spheres. As a 6 point Flaw, you have a Patron, but no Aspect (beginning Aura is 2), and you do not receive any bonus when spending Experience on Forms, nor a Boon. As a 7 point Flaw, you do not have either Patron or Aspect. There is much speculation among academic minded Chosen about the nature of Orphan existence. Most feel that it has something to do with Oblivion.

Outlaw (4 pt -- ST approval) [any supernatural] — You are an infamous criminal with a price on your head. Although no one might be devoted full-time to your capture, you can be sure that someone is sent after you whenever you come to the attention of the authorities. If you are caught, there may be a debate about whether to kill you outright or save you for public execution, but your death is assured.

Over-Confident (1 pt)[any] — You have an exaggerated and unshakable opinion of your own worth and capabilities – you display no hesitation in trusting your abilities, even in situations where you risk defeat. Because your abilities may not be enough, this can be very dangerous. When you fail, you are quick to find someone or something to blame other than yourself. If you are convincing enough, you can infect others with your over-confidence.

Permanent Fangs:(3 pt)[vampire] — Your fangs do not retract, making it impossible for you to hide your true nature. While some mortals may think you've had your teeth filed or are wearing prosthetics, sooner or later you're going to run into someone who knows what you truly are. You are a constant threat to the Masquerade, and other Kindred may take steps to prevent a breach from occuring. You are also limited to an Appearance rating of 3 at most.

Permanent Wound (3 pt PFlaw)[vampire] — You suffered injuries during the Embrace, which your sire did nothing to repair. You start each night at the Wounded Health Level. This can be healed like normal damage, but each evening, after sleep, your wounds always return.

Potent Blood (3pt PFlaw)[Mortal] — Kindred gain 2 BP/1 drunk. They will fight to keep you.

Prey Exclusion (1 Trait Flaw)[vampire] — You refuse to hunt a certain class of prey. For instance, an animal lover might decide to hunt only humans, or a character might decide to spare a class of person she particularly admires: police, teachers, medical professionals, clergy, peace activists and so on. You are disturbed and occasionally frenzy when others feed from this type of prey (Storytellers' discretion). If you accidentally feed upon this class of prey yourself, you will automatically frenzy and will risk gaining additional Derangements. Ventrue cannot take this Flaw.

Primal Marks (1 pt) — You have a soul of primordial essence – a reflection of some totem or God of legend. If the totem is an animal, you strongly resemble what one would look like in human form, so much that people who don't even know you call you "Bear", "Moose" or "Raven". If the soul is a reflection of a well-known God or hero, you look just like people would expect him to, including any particular deformities (though you do get extra point for those). You look the part so much that anyone can guess your nature at a glance, and there is some danger in that, especially if there are legendary enemies (and there usually are). You are also required to protect the species in question if it is an animal, or finish up its unfinished agenda if it is some God or hero.

Repelled by Crosses (3 pt SFlaw)[vampire] — You are repelled by the sight of ordinary crosses (just as if they were holy). Kindred who were of the Church prior to their Embrace are most likely to possess this Flaw; they perceive that their new form is a judgement from God.

Repulsed by Garlic (1 pt SFlaw)[vampire] — You cannot abide the smell of garlic, and the smallest taint of its scent will drive you from a room. The full force of its pungent odor will bring bloody tears to your face and render you nearly blind, while its touch can cause boils and even open wounds. You are always one bid down on any challenges when the smell of garlic is in the air.

Scales (1-3 pt PFlaw)[Setite] — During your Embrace, a portion of your skin became scales. If only a small area, one easily hidden, such as a patch of skin on your shoulder, this is only a one-point Flaw. Having an entire limb affected, such as an arm, forcing you to wear long gloves at all times, is a two-point Flaw, while having a scaled, lipless face is a three-point Flaw.

Selective Digestion (1-2 pt PFlaw)[vampire] — You can digest only certain types of blood. You can choose whether you can drink only cold blood (the blood of a dead person), blood with the taste of fear, blood with the taste of joy, or perhaps only certain blood types (A+, O-, etc.). Ventrue and characters with Prey Exclusion cannot take this Flaw, since they have something like it already.

Severe Pain Empathy (5 pt)[any supernatural] — If anyone around you is suffering or in pain, you feel it too. This can be truly debilitating in most scenes of conflict, rendering you able to do little more than hold yourself and weep.

Severe Phobia (3 pt)[any] — You have an overpowering fear of something. Common objects of fear include certain animals, insects, crowds, open spaces, confined spaces, heights, and so on. You are paralyzed when faced with the object of fear. The Storyteller has final say over which phobias are allowed in a Chronicle.

Short (1 pt)[any] — You are well below average height, and have trouble seeing over high objects and moving quickly. You suffer a two dice penalty to all pursuit Dice Pools, and you and the Storyteller should make sure your height is taken into account in all situations. In some circumstances, this will give you a concealment bonus.

Short Fuse (3 pt)[any supernatural?] — Like a Berserker, you frenzy. Unlike a Berserker, you cannot control when you enter frenzy. During situations of intense emotions (fear, anger, hate, etc.) the Storyteller may ask for a Willpower roll (Difficulty varies). One success is enough to remain in control, but you should leave the situation soon. Three or more successes indicate that the situation will not overwhelm you. A failure means you enter frenzy and will not stop frenzying until the end of the scene, or until someone close to you "talks you down". A botch indicates that you have lost it; you will not come out of frenzy for any reason except incapacitation, and you are capable of any act (no matter how heinous or against your nature). While in frenzy, you do receive some bonuses (see the Merit Berserker).

Shy (1 pt)[any] — You are distinctly ill at ease when dealing with people, and you will try to avoid social situations whenever possible. All rolls concerned with social dealings are made with a +1 Difficulty, and any roll made while you are the center of attention is made at +2 Difficulty. Don't expect such a character to make a public speech.

Slow Healing (5 pt)[vampire] — For some reason, you heal slower than most Chosen. It takes twice as long, and twice as much magic effort, to heal your wounds. To heal one health level, you require two Blood points and you heal a level of aggrvated damage in five days.

Soft Hearted (1 pt)[any] — You cannot stand to watch others suffer, not necessarily because you care about what happens to them, but simply because you dislike the intensity of emotion. If you are the direct cause of suffering, and you witness it, you will experience days of nausea and sleepless grief. You avoid situations where you might have to witness suffering, and will do anything you can to protect others from it as well. Whenever you must witness suffering, Difficulties on all rolls are raised by +2 for the next hour.

Speech Impediment (1 pt)[any] You have a stammer or some other speech impediment which hampers verbal communication. All relevant rolls are made with a +2 Difficulty. Do not feel obliged to roleplay this impediment all the time, but in times of duress, or when dealing with outsiders, you should attempt to simulate it.

Sphere Inept (5 pt)[mage] — You are unable to utilize the magics of one of the Spheres. This is not due to the fact that you have not yet been trained in that particular Sphere of magic. Indeed, for whatever reason, you cannot learn this Sphere. This should not be you Patron?s Sphere or the Oblivion Sphere.

Strangeness (1 pt)[mage] — Reality is slightly stranger for you. Once per game session, the Storyteller will choose one of your Spheres, make up an effect, and roll your Sphere (Difficulty 7). If the roll succeeds, something unusual involving the Sphere will happen for no apparent reason. For instance, Fire 3 could result in temporary blindness, the building you are catching on fire, or an encounter with an efreet. If the roll fails, the strangeness passes. This Flaw can alter the tone of a campaign; therefore, allowing a character to take it should require the approval of not only the Storyteller, but also the other players in the group.

Stubborn: (1-3 pt) [salubri] — There is conviction of spirit, there is unshakable will, and there is just plain ornery. You fall into the last category. When your mind is made up, or when you are set on doing something, nothing can divert you. For one point, you're set in your ways, but a convincing argument will turn you around. For two points, you're a regular mule, and nothing's likely to change you're opinion short of a catastrophe. For three points, you'll not only defend your conviction to Hell's door, you'll kick it in and argue with the Devil. This Flaw is most taken by Salubri warriors.

Taint of Oblivion (7 pt)[mage] — Something you, your parents, or your ancestors did has tainted you with Oblivion. Others naturally feel very ill at ease around you. Gaining a good reputation is impossible. Those who can sense Oblivion will detect you with only one success. Worst of all, Akeru talks to you in visions in order to win you over to its side. Ridding yourself of this taint should be a major undertaking. Many stories can be told about such a quest. Karano may not take this Flaw.

Thin-Blooded (3 pt PFlaw)[vampire] — You have weak blood and are unable to use it for anything but sustaining yourself from night to night and healing your wounds. Blood cannot be used to add to your Physical Traits, to fuel blood Disciplines, or to create a Blood Bond. Moreover, you will not always be able to create a vampire. Half the time the embrace will simply not work. For Caitiff this is only a 2 Trait Flaw.

Throwback (1-5 pt)[any mortal] — One or more of your past lives still affects you? badly. Their fears come back to haunt you in your dreams, and you have flashbacks of their worst memories (such as their death, or even worse, a personality that encroaches on your own). For bad dreams or flashbacks, take one to two points depending on the severity of the condition and how much it will affect your studies or performance in dangerous situations. For a "roommate in your head," take three points (whether you know he exists or not). For the package deal and a truly miserable existence, take five points, but expect the Storyteller to take every opportunity to use these against you.

Twisted Apprenticeship (1 pt)[vampire] — Your Mentor was quite malevolent and taught you all the wrong things about being Chosen. Your concepts of Chosen life are all wrong, and your faulty beliefs are likely to get you into a great deal of trouble. Over time, after many hard lessons, you can overcome this bad start (the Storyteller will tell you when). But until then, you will continue to believe what you were first told, no matter how other try to "trick" you into thinking otherwise.

Uneducated (5 pt)[all] — Because nobody ever took the time to teach you anything, you have five less points to spend on your Knowledge Abilities (so the most you could take on your Knowledges would be eight, and the least would be zero). Of course you can still spend Freebie points to take Knowledges. However, you cannot, at the start of the game, have any Knowledge at level three or higher.

Unskilled (5 pt)[any] — You have never trained extensively in any skill or craft, and therefore have five less points to spend on your Skill Abilities (so the most you could take on your Skills would be eight, and the least would be zero). Of course you can still spend Freebie points to take Skills. However, you cannot, at the start of the game, have any Skill at level three or higher.

Vengeance (2 pt)[any] — You have a score to settle – a party was wiped out, a friend was corrupted, a mentor was slain? whatever. You are obsessed with wreaking vengeance on the guilty party. Revenge is your first priority in all situations. The need for vengeance can only be overcome by spending Willpower points, and even then, it only temporarily subsides. Someday you may have your revenge, but the Storyteller will not make it easy.

Vulnerability to Silver (2 pt)[vampire]

Ward (3 pt)[any] — You are devoted to the protection of someone more vulnerable than your self. You may describe your ward, though the Storyteller will actually create her. This character may be a friend or relative from your pre-Chosen days, or just a good friend. Apprentices do not count as wards, as they "pay their own way." Wards have a talent for getting caught up in the action of stories, and they are frequent targets of a character's enemies.

Weak-Willed (4 Trait Flaw)[vampire?] — You are highly susceptible to Dominate and intimidation by others; in fact, anyone using powers of Dominate against you receives one automatic retest per challenge, although only one such retest may be used in any given challenge (as per Strong Will above). Furthermore, you can employ your Willpower only when survival is at stake or it is appropriate to your Nature.

Weirdness Magnet (3 pt -- restricted)[any] — For whatever reason, strange things just happen to you. You always seem to be the one who springs the trap. If anyone in the party is going to get struck by lightning, it?s going to be you. And "Random Encounters" take on a whole new meaning with you around. On the up side, every once in a while, you stumble upon over something useful, like a bag full of silver (of course what you do with it could make an entire story). Strangely enough, this Flaw makes you a welcome member of almost any community or party you join.